May 4th, 2017 | 4.00PM -9.00PM | John Lewis Conference Center | Warren MI


Keynote Speaker: Jake Sigal | CEO of Tome Software 

“The Dials of IoT”

The world doesn’t need another connected toaster. Every day there’s another new product that pops into our news feed and they are all connected. The real question is why you should care. If it’s something you’re purchasing for yourself, is the product going to decrease an inefficiency in your life, is it going to save you money on your energy bill? If it’s for work is it going to increase revenue, decrease cost, or increase quailty? On a technical level is the product going to work with your other products and is it secure? How about the user experience to get the product set up. Is it fast enough that grandparents are going to be able to set up effortlessly? These are the dials of IoT. How are companies in the automotive and mobility space viewing and adjusting these dials and what dials are missing and yet to come?
Join us as we discuss these trends in 2017 and beyond in what could be the next industrial revolution.


A third-generation entrepreneur, Jake Sigal co-founded Tome in metro Detroit in 2014. He’s made a career out of creating the amazing experiences consumer tech users want and deserve by redefining the way software apps and hardware products work together.

At Tome, Jake leads a team dedicated to cracking the world’s most complex tech problems. Their work within the larger Internet of Things movement creates partnership opportunities with some of the world’s most well-known companies wherever accelerated product-specific tech innovation is desired.

Jake sits on the Consumer Technology Association’s Board of Industry Leaders and is a graduate of Ohio University. Ford Motor Co. acquired his first company, Livio, in 2013.  You can find him on Twitter @JakeSigal